An Intro to Granite Composite Sinks


Splash Galleries Blanco 441591 Kitchen Sink with Low Divide. Raleigh, NC Kitchen & Bath Showroom 919-719-3333.
Blanco Diamond w/ Low Divide in Anthracite

Granite Composite Offers a Stylish, Durable, Alternative to Stainless.

When shopping for a Kitchen Sink, the market is full of options and many homeowners feel overwhelmed. It’s easy to go with a standard stainless steel sink and move on to your other selections, but the kitchen sink is easily one of the most important fixtures in your home! Everyone uses their kitchen in different ways and stainless steel is not necessarily the best choice for every homeowner.

Material, form, and function should all be considered when choosing a kitchen sink. Determine which is most important to you and begin your search there. Selecting your preferred material will help to narrow the field of options. Here we highlight one possible material you might choose, Granite Composite.

At Splash Galleries, we do our best to educate customers about the pros and cons of each material and identify what works best for a homeowner’s unique situation. Here are just some of the Pros of a Granite Composite Sink:

  • Scratch & Chip Resistant
  • Heat Resistant up to 536° F (750° F for Kohler Neoroc)
  • Quiet
  • Non-Porous, Stain Resistant
  • Easy to Clean
  • Hygienic
  • Durable
  • Available in Many Unique Styles and Colors

Splash Galleries Blanco Silgranit Super Single Bowl Granite Composite Kitchen Sink . Raleigh, NC Kitchen & Bath Showroom 919-719-3333Most homeowners who have them actually have a hard time coming up with anything bad to say about Granite Composite Sinks! We know that sometimes they can develop noticeable hard-water mineral deposits, but this can be easily wiped clean, care and cleaning instructions will be covered later on.  We have heard time and again tales of these sinks’ durability and longevity.

So what exactly is Granite Composite?

Each of the manufacturers have slightly different methods and formulations for their Composite materials, but it comes down to two basic components, finely ground stone particles, and resin to bind those particles together. Granite Composite sinks are formed by pouring the Composite mixture into a mold and are hardened through a chemical process, this is important because it guarantees that your sink has uniform thickness, no weak corners or “stretched” areas like you would have with a molded Stainless Steel sink. This method also allows for the wide array of interesting shapes and styles.

Durability of Granite Composite Sinks

Splash Galleries Blanco Performa Cascade 441291 Silgranit Granite Composite Kitchen Sink. Raleigh, NC Kitchen & Bath Showroom 919-719-3333While Granite Composite is still a relatively new idea to American consumers, but it has been available through several brands for over 20 years, and has grown considerably in popularity over the last 10 years.  It has been available in Europe since the early 80’s.  Many homeowners report back after many years of use that their Granite Composite sink still looks brand new and has not chipped or cracked. These sinks are some of the most hardy and resilient sinks in the market today!

Comparing Brands

The most important thing to consider when comparing the different brands of Granite Composite sinks is the percentage of stone vs. the percentage of resin. Counter to what you may think, a higher percentage of stone is not necessarily stronger. Blanco, the company which is often considered the leader in this market, uses a 80% / 20% blend of stone to resin and integrates other strengthening materials to the mixture as well. Kohler’s Neoroc only recently arrived on the scene and they have not released information on its composition, but it seems to have a higher percentage of resin and a much higher heat resistance, up to 750° F. Elkay uses a 80% / 20% mixture, but provides little details about any other additives or materials. Franke composite sinks use a higher percentage of stone to resin, but their sinks also have an Anti-Bacterial component added to the mixture.  A few brands, such as Elkay and Houzer, will use the term Quartz Composite or Quartz Stone.  This term is sometimes interchangeable with Granite Composite, but other times it can indicate a lower quality/ lower price point product, so be sure to do your due diligence and read reviews of the sink and material in question.

Our Recommendations…

Splash Galleries Blanco Precis Drop In Granite Composite Sink. Raleigh, NC Kitchen & Bath Showroom 919-719-3333Blanco Silgranit is the most versatile Granite Composite material and is currently our best seller. It comes in 8 colors and around 30 sink styles. Blanco uses the 80% / 20% ratio of granite to resin and it also has micro-ceramic hollow beads added to the resin mixture which increase durability, smoothness, and strength. Silgranit has a non-porous, hydrophobic surface which makes it stain resistant, easy to clean, and ultra-hygienic! New for 2016, Silgranit has been updated to be even more scratch & stain resistant than ever before.  We love the versatility of their colors and the wide range of styles, including a Silgranit Apron-Front Sink. Blanco also offers a variety of helpful accessories to accompany their Silgranit Sinks!

Kohler Neoroc is the newest player in Granite Composite, but it is a strong contender. It is available in two colors and 3 styles, but there are plans to expand to more styles and colors. The material is smooth, with rich color and a velvety finish. The most intriguing statistic about Neoroc is it’s heat resistance, up to 750° F. This far surpasses the heat resistance of any other brand, which top off at 536° F.  Visit our showroom to see it in person!

Care & Cleaning

All brands will provide Care Instructions on their website or with the sink when you purchase it but they all are cared for in basically the same way. Granite Composite is easy to care for and will retain its color and appearance for years with proper care!

Splash Galleries Blanco Silgranit Granite Composite Sinks Care & Cleaning Instructions, Raleigh, NC Kitchen & Bath Showroom 919-719-3333.Basic Cleaning

  • On a regular basis, clean with soap, water, and a nylon brush then wipe dry.

For Tougher Stains

  • Magic Eraser sponges work well for scuffs from pots & pans.
  • Non-Abrasive Cleansers such as Bar Keeper’s Friend or Soft Scrub w/ Bleach with a nylon brush, soft scouring pad, non-abrasive sponge, or cloth.

For REALLY Tough Stains

  • 50/50 Solution of Water and Bleach, allow to soak in sink for 1 hour and then drain and scrub. Rinse well.
  • Bar Keeper’s Friend is also recommended for stubborn stains.
  • DO NOT use pure Bleach or leave the Bleach Solution for longer than 1 hour. Long term exposure to Bleach, strong acids, or strong alkali solutions can degrade the resins in the sink.

To Restore Luster 

  • Clean your sink, then apply Mineral Oil with a damp cloth.
  • Blanco makes a cleaner called BLANCOCLEAN which can be used on the light Silgranit II colors, but is not recommended for the dark colors such as Anthracite or Cafe Brown.

To Remove Mineral Deposits / Calcium

  • Use Lime Away or CLR to remove tough mineral deposits.
  • If you know you have hard water and that mineral deposits may be an issue, it is best to make regular wipe downs with soap and water part of your routine to avoid tough mineral build ups.

To Remove Adhesives / Glues

  • Use Acetone (Nail Polish Remover) and a non-abrasive sponge or pad.


  • Abrasive cleaners or cleaning pads such as Steel Wool
  • Straight Bleach
  • Commercial alkali cleaners such as ammonia or caustic solutions
  • Drain cleaning chemicals that involve filling the sink with water
  • BLANCOCLEAN on Dark Colored Silgranit II or other brands

We hope that you have found this introduction to Granite Composite Sinks to be helpful, whether you are in the process of selecting a sink or own one already. Granite Composite is a great choice for a sink that will be durable and beautiful for many years to come! Contact us in the Showroom if you have any further questions or would like to schedule an appointment to look at Granite Composite Sinks!